Spotify Premium APK v8.8.96.364 (Fully Unlocked 2024) Official Version

Spotify Premium APK v8.8.96.364 (Fully Unlocked 2024) Official Version

Spotify Premium Mod APK is the best alternative to Spotify Songs Downloader which fulfils your requirement for downloading songs from Spotify without any limitations.

Are you a music lover and searching for a software/APP which allows you to download your favorite songs from Spotify in 2024? If your answer is Yes, then no need to worry about that. You just need to stay with us and we will provide you a popular app which is the best music downloading software. Let’s start. Spotify Premium Mod APK is a software which allows users to listen their favorite music & playlists without any advertisement or any disturbance. It has been published by Spotify Ltd. Its Genre is to listening audio and music. It has many features and options which users don’t enjoy on the other version of Spotify. Users can only skip five to six tracks in the non-premium version and they are also stuck with a lot of pop-up ads on every second click. If you are a manga lover you need to visit: Zinmanga APK

This is a podcast and music app having millions of songs, albums, playlists and tracks. Users search any of their favorite songs or tracks and play or download them easily. This app allows users to skip unlimited tracks in an hour. Users discover their favorite artists and can also save the tracks for later listening as a wish list. All around the world, all types of songs in any language are available in this app just with a single click. Users can Listen and Discover popular artists like Bad Bunny, Billie Eilish, The Temper Trap etc.

Listeners can enjoy the Premium version of Spotify for a lifetime, with no extra subscription or fee paid by the users, it is a secure, verified and safe application as well. Users can follow and subscribe to their favorite artists with their albums for the latest up-to-date songs or streaming. Listeners can enjoy the popular podcasts like;

  • Modern Wisdom
  • The Joe Rogan Experience
  • 2 Bears, 1 cave with Tom Segura and Bert Kreischer
  • Call her daddy and Crime Junkie

Spotify Premium APK support all devices like mobile, tablet, Desktop, PlayStation, and TV, Wear OS or wearable devices. Users can save their favorite music library and therefore, they never miss their favorite podcast or music. There are 80 million songs and 4 million podcasts are available for the music lovers.

Spotify  Premium APP Overview

AppSpotify Premium APK
 DeveloperSpotify Ltd
MOD FeaturesPremium Unlocked (No Ads)
RequiresAndroid 4.4+
 Update1 Hours Ago
Spotify Premium APK Info Table

Features of Premium Version of Spotify APK:

Here are the features which are experienced the best by the users;

User Friendly Interface:

Spotify Premium Mod APK has a user friendly interface, as users can find any type of their favorite music, download with a single click, share the playlists and podcasts with friends and relatives easily, easy install and download the APK etc. There is no need for any technical skill or experience for the using, installing and downloading the application.

Introducing the new feature of Audiobooks:

Spotify Premium Mod APK is now introducing Audiobooks which contain on the Lyrics, stories and news that can be enjoy anywhere anytime. At this time this feature is only available in Australia, UK and US. Users can read amazing stories and enjoy their selves anytime they want. Listeners can enjoy over 300,000 audiobook titles.

No limitations skipping the songs:

In this Spotify Premium APK, users enjoy the unlimited skipping the songs as compared to the free version of the App. Users can skip the songs that they don’t want to play with unlimited clicks.

No limitations repeating the songs:

Users can repeat the songs as they want to play the tracks again and again. There are no limitations in this app to repeat one song for many times, on the other hand, free version has fewer clicks to repeat the one song that users want to play again. Users can also seek the track in unlimited clicks; they can play the song from the any part and can repeat that part as well.

No Ads:

Spotify Premium APK has a great feature of No ads; users face no disturbance while listening to the music. No ads feature doesn’t distract the attention of the listeners when they enjoying their favorite music or song. On the other hand, free version has so many ads when playing or downloading the music. Users are disturbed when they face too much ads in finding their favorite song. All type of audio ads and visual ads are permanently blocked in this premium version.

No Third party app Installations:

This app has another feature as there is no need to install any other app, tool, software or root. This premium version’s downloading and installing is very easy and comfortable for the users. On the other hand other free versions of the apps need third party installations to run the application. Users feel free to install this application in their system or in Android in an easy way.

Offline Music Downloads and song playing:

Spotify premium version has the quality to listen and download their favorite music offline when they have no internet connection. They can find their favorite album according to their artist choice in offline mode. No internet access needed for the music downloading is required.

Best Sound Quality:

As compared to the free version of Spotify, there is high definition quality of sound is available in the Premium version of Spotify APK. A clear and great sound quality makes listeners more engaged to use this premium version.

Easy Music and albums Searching:

All kind of music, anywhere, anytime, any language, and any artist can be finding easily in the premium version of Spotify APK. It allows users to search their favorite track according to their taste and choice in few seconds. They can easily listen, play and download it with just a simple click.

Subscribing the Favorite User’s Podcast:

If listeners want to subscribe the Podcast or album according to their choice then they can do this with one click. By this features new and latest tracks and albums will keep the listeners up to date. Listeners will remain up to date about the latest hit trends of music streaming and podcasts.

Customized Display:

Listeners can customized the theme of their mood choice and they can choose any kind of theme and make the display more attractive and interesting. Some listeners have fond of changing colors and theme changings and this premium version allows the users to make their display attractive.

Bookmark and theme changing Feature:

In the Premium version of Spotify APK, Listeners can also bookmark their favorite album or playlist. Bookmarking allows users to save the albums or playlists in order to find it again anytime anywhere. Users can also change the theme according to their mood and choice.

Easy Sharing and Creating Playlists:

A premium version of Spotify Mod APK allows users to share the playlists or tracks with their friends or relatives easily. Listeners create playlists of their choice music and then share the playlists with their friends or their love ones through social media.

Secure APK:

This Application’s installing and use is totally legal and secure, it doesn’t have any virus which harms our device in any sense.

Premium Version vs Free Version of Spotify Mod APK:

Free VersionPremium Version
Commercial AdsNo Ads
Not offline listening musicOffline music listening
Average sound quality 128kbpsHigh sound quality 320kbps
Few featuresUnlimited features
Limited skipsUnlimited skips
Less Album ContentDetailed Album Content
Low operating app speedFast Operating app speed
No live shows or concertsLive shows and concerts
Comparison Table

Downloading Tips for Spotify Premium APK

There are simple and easy steps to install and use the Spotify Premium APK as follows:

  • Type on Google, “Spotify Premium Mod APK”
  • If installing in your Android then allow permission to the unknown apps, then click download
  • After APK download, click “install” and that’s it

To use this application you have to follow these steps:

  • Open the app and click “email” button in order to log in process, users can also signup by their Facebook account as well
  • Choose “sign up” button, and fill the necessary blanks as email address, name, gender, age, date of birth
  • Create account by clicking the “create” button
  • Click the language and input your desired language, click “next”
  • Finally, Find songs, play and enjoy!

Experiencing Podcasts:

There are many podcasts are available in the Spotify premium Mod APK as considered to the Top Ranked Podcasts as following:

  • Sleeping Podcasts: Users with endless thoughts and sleeping disorders can use this podcast as it allows users to listen the songs streaming that is beneficial for boosting the sleeping level. 
  • Politics Podcasts: Listeners who take interests in politics can enjoy their favorite political party’s songs or other political streaming by choosing the political Podcast.
  • Workout Podcasts: In the gym or workout place, listeners can choose this podcast and boost more their energy level during their workout or exercise.
  • Global Music Charts: This podcast consist on the latest trending songs of the famous artists worldwide.
  • Comedy Podcasts: People who take interest in the comedy and in the laugh mood, they can play this Podcast and enjoy the funny comedy streaming.
  • Audio Books: There are much kind of fictions, novel, moral storied, children books, new and much more that can users enjoy according their choice and taste.
  • OSTs: Many listeners love to hear the Original Sound Tracks (OSTs) of various games, serials, TV shows and animated videos. So, this podcasts allows us to play any OSTs of our choice.
  • Motivational Podcasts: Here are motivational podcasts which contains the songs and albums having the motivational lyrics and listeners motivate them.
  • True Crime: This podcasts now a day becoming the most popular podcast and consist the streaming of true crime like serial, Firebug, S-Town.

Spotify Premium Users Growth

Now a day an increasing rate of using the Spotify Premium Mod APK is occurring. In the 2023 round, about 220 million users are using the premium version according to the research. The increasing rate is 7.3% from 2022. From 2015, 18 million subscribers started to use the premium version of Spotify Mod APK. The daily streaming average is more than 44% and expected to the level of increasing subscribers is 343 million according to research.
In USA there are 88 million subscribers with an average of 24.7% all over the world. USA is considered most counted subscribers of this application and 56% of male users and 44% of female users.

If Users will unable to use the Premium Features:

If there is any difficulty in using the premium features of the Spotify Premium Mod APK, then users have to do the following settings:

  • Delete the Original Version of the Application
  • Again download and try to install the Spotify Premium Mod APK
  • Sign in again to your account
  • If still no premium features enabled, then stop the force, clear cache and open the app again

Drawbacks of Spotify Premium Mod APK:

  • Limited music streaming option as CD quality is not available in all countries
  • In android using, some listeners fail to enjoy the lyrics of their favorite tracks or albums
  • There is a main drawback of Spotify Premium Mod APK is not availability of live Radio, some listeners take interest in playing the live radio but this feature is sometimes not available in the premium features as well.
  • In Spotify Premium Mod APK, Audio books features is also not available in all countries of the world, on USA, UK and US are enjoying the Audio Book feature of reading their favorite texts like fictions, novels, books, news or lyrics etc.

Appearance and Display Options:

  • Home section is there for the options of recommended songs, albums and podcasts according to the user’s interest and history. All new releases of music streaming and trending tracks are available with the details of the artists and concerts.
  • Browser Tab is the tab in which users can type any of the music streaming according to their choice, there are vast music library available in which all kind of music can be played or download.
  • Music Library and Playlist is available for the users, as they can save their favorite albums, playlists and podcasts in the favorites showing the “Heart Button” in the display. There is also a relevant option of “Local files Page” where users saved songs or albums are available rather than to search and find them again and again.
  • Subscribing the Artists and Social tabs are also available in the display, by which users can save their favorite artist and can be up to date about the latest news, albums, songs and podcasts. Users can share their music listening experiences with just one click of sharing on social media platforms as well.
  • Mixes and Updated Concert news is a section is the display, which shows the users’ interest songs or albums according to their previous history.


Spotify Premium Mod APK is a platform for music lovers, that provides all features in one place like songs searching easily, download tracks, offline entertainment, customized themes and appearance, so many podcasts. Listeners can find any kind of song, album, and playlists and choose their favorite artist. Users can subscribe the artists, playlists, albums or podcasts for the latest trending music streaming. Furthermore, listeners have to enjoy its incredible features like Unlimited skips, unlimited Shuffle, offline options, No ads feature and much more.


What are basic benefits of Spotify Premium APK?

Basic and interesting Features include unlimited skips, unlimited searching and downloading the tracks or albums, zero advertisements, easy sharing and creating the playlists. Users can enjoy seeking the songs as they can play any part of the song and can repeat any part of the song as well. They can shuffle the song and high quality audio format.

What is the latest version of the Spotify Premium Mod APK?

The latest version of Spotify Premium Mod APK is v8.8.96.364

Can users enjoy offline music downloading and listening?

Yes! Users enjoy offline music downloading and listening whenever they want, and can also use this app even without having an internet connection.

What are Android Requirements for the Spotify Premium Mod APK?

Android 4.4 and above is required to use and install the Spotify Premium Mod APK.

How to follow or like Spotify on social media for the latest updates?

Users can like Spotify on Facebook at and also follow the Spotify on Twitter at for the latest updates and news regarding this application for both free and premium version.

Which genres are available in the Spotify Premium Mod APK?

There are many genres are available for all tracks or media library as like pop, dance, R&B, Classical, country wise, Folk, Latin, Electronic, alternative, metal, Punk, jazz, Indie, Hip Hop, Rock etc.

What is Spotify app’s compatibility?

Android, Firestick, PC, Smart TV are considered as the app’s compatibility.

What are the subscription choices for the Spotify Premium APK?

There are four options like; individual, Duo, Student and Family. These subscriptions can be choosing at any time and can be canceling as well. There is no fix choice to choose these subscriptions permanently. Individual’s subscription charges are $9.99 per month. Students’ subscription charges are about $4.99 per month and Family’s subscription charges are $14.99 per month. Duo’s subscriptions charges are $12.99 per month. But these subscriptions may vary according to the country.

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