Spotiflyer For Mac Download

Spotiflyer For Mac Download

Spotifyler is one of the best music apps to download and save your favorite music. It acts like a companion app for Spotify, but the developers have increased its ability to download songs from several third-party apps. What to do if you don’t want to switch between your phone and MacBook to listen to your favorite music all the time? Don’t worry! Spotiflyer for Mac is the ideal solution for all MacBook users. Don’t switch to your phone again and again, but install the Spotiflyer on your MacBook and enjoy unlimited music. You need to visit: The Spike Mod APK

Are you curious about the Spotifler MacBook? Read the complete guide to know its features, benefits, and how to get it to your MacBook. Let’s begin!

What Is Spotiflyer For Mac?

Spotifler Mac is a mobile app that allows you to download songs from third-party apps such as Spotify and YouTube on your MacBook. It’s compatible with several apps, including SoundCloud, Spotify, Saavn, etc. YouTube music offers many benefits because you can save several YouTube music or albums for yourself or your family.

It doesn’t help you listen to a playlist in your office, but you can play your favorite song while working at home. It’s good to create a playlist for your family, download songs from Spotify, and enjoy offline at home. The app also works online and offline, so you are not bound always to connect your Mac with an active internet connection.

Moreover, it’s also helpful when you are travelling from one place to another or at a BBQ party with friends. Just browse and save your favorite songs, playlists, and albums once and play anytime, anywhere, in one tap. The search bar allows you to search for your downloaded favorite song within a click from the lists of hundreds. Also read: Spotiflyer For PC 

App Info & Download

AppAppSpotiflyer For Mac
Version Versionv3.6.3
DeveloperShabinder Singh
Update1 Hour Ago
rate Rating4.5/5

Prominent Features

The MacBook OS is indeed faster than Windows. Thanks to the MacBook version of Spotiflyer, which brings a lot of benefits, quick downloads, and plenty of useful features for the users. Do you want to know more about the characteristics? Check out the Spotiflyer for Mac Features list below:

  • Compatibility with Mac OS

The app is highly compatible with all Mac OS (old and new). The app is developed with a clean code to offer universal compatibility for all MacBooks. However, you need to install an Android emulator to run it, such as BlueStacks or Nox Player. Remember that the emulators are heavy on laptops, but MacBook’s overall performance doesn’t slow down because of the fastest hardware. Check Also: Bitlife Mod APK

  • Easy To Use

After installation, it’s very easy to use, download, and save your favorite songs. It syncs with your mobile phone Spotiflyer app, which you can use without a problem. The users get a comprehensive toolbar on the right side to customize the features such as keyboard mapping, etc. You can also rotate the screen if you find searching for your favorite song difficult. Moreover, you can simultaneously use the same app on several devices with the same songs and albums.

  • High-Quality Songs

Some apps decrease the sound quality by converting the audio to 256kbps or other audio formats. Does the Spotiflyer Mac also reduce the audio quality? The good news for all music enthusiasts is that the app does not change the audio quality. It usually downloads songs or albums in 320kbps audio quality and gives you the original audio experience. So, always listen to high-quality sound with Spotifler on a Macbook.

  • Several Platforms Option

In the beginning, the app was only compatible with the Spotify app. However, the latest version offers compatibility and downloading of songs from several platforms such as YouTube Music, Spotify, Saavn, Gaana, etc. There is no downloading limit. Moreover, it allows you to download a single song, an album, or a complete playlist. You can further save the playlist with the desired name to search for your favorite track easily.

  • Quick Search

When you open Spotiflyer on the MacBook, it gives a similar interface to the mobile app. The search bar at the top of the home screen allows users to search for their favorite song from the downloaded tracks with a tap. You don’t need to type the complete name of the track, but the search algorithm searches with the entered characters to give you a quick response.

  • No Ads

Remember that it’s free to use for everyone, and you can get it from our downloading link for free. Almost all free apps show annoying ads because they are available free of cost to the users. No more disturbance because Spotiflyer for MacBook has no ads and gives you an uninterrupted music experience anytime, anywhere you want.

  • Free Download

The MacBook app is free of cost and open source. Anyone can download it and enjoy unlimited songs, playlists, and albums at their fingertips. In short, it works straight out of the box after installation and serves people with its amazing features.

  • Coming Soon

Lastly, the developers have announced some extra features and compatibility with other famous platforms in the upcoming version. It will benefit the users to enjoy and save more music to listen to and have unlimited fun.

Installation Spotiflyer For MacBook

Suppose you have decided to get it into your MacBook but don’t know the right procedure. Check out the simple steps and install it right away.

  • First, unintall any version from your MacBook if you have already installed it.
  • Download and install a reliable Android emulator such as BlueStacks or Nox Player.
  • After that, click the download button to get the latest version of the Spotiflyer Mac app.
  • Launch the Android emulator.
  • Go to the right-side toolbar and click the “APK” option.
  • Browse the downloaded file and click Install.
  • It will hardly take a minute and redirect to the BlueStacks home screen.
  • Go to the Recent Apps option, click the Spotiflyer app, and start saving your favorite songs from third-party apps.


In conclusion, Spotifler for Mac brings additional features for the users, including analytics, translation, playlist management, and easy compatibility. Get it now and play songs right from your personalized playlist or album. Yes, it’s free for everyone and pretty simple to install. Enjoy!

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