Spotiflyer vs Audible For Android

Spotiflyer vs Audible For Android

If you are a music enthusiast, you must be aware of the two names, i.e., Spotiflyer vs Audible. If you need help, let us explain them to you. These two apps and platforms are certainly made to assist music enthusiasts with all-in-all audio content, including tracks, albums, playlists, podcasts, and much more.

Remember that Audible is an old platform, but Spotiflyer is an emerging one. Most importantly, Spotiflyer has gained fame by providing helpful and selected content according to the users’ requirements. Similarly, Audible is also uploading helpful content, fulfilling the recent trends. In short, both platforms serve the users at their best, but how do you choose one of them?

If you are stuck in selecting Spotiflyer and Audible, here is the ultimate guide. This guide will address all the details to make selection a breeze. So, let’s get deeper into the details! Also Check Spotiflyer vs Apple Podcast


Audible usually provides audiobook service for the people who don’t have enough time to read the books. It’s also helpful for those who want to boost their English listening skills. In a nutshell, we can say that Audible is purely based on audiobooks. Its catalog has reached more than 475,000 audiobooks. Amazing, Amazing Audible has the largest catalog for audiobooks compared to others.

At the same time, Spotiflyer was first introduced as a companion app for Spotify. It helps download your favorite songs and listen to them online whether you want. After the upgrade, it now has a comprehensive library with more than 4,00,000 songs, tracks, music, playlists, albums, and podcasts. Unfortunately, it doesn’t provide audiobooks.

Subscriptions and Benefits

It’s good news for everyone that Spotiflyer is open-source and free to use for everyone. It aims to assist its users with the latest songs, playlists, tracks, and other audio content.

Moreover, it offers free track management and a search bar on the top of the home screen for a quick search. The offline availability is a plus because you can get it whenever possible. Initially, it was free, but now it offers subscriptions for its users to enjoy more benefits.

On the other hand, Audible offers a great benefit of access to a comprehensive books library. It offers two premium plans starting from $7 with limited monthly credits. So, you can choose the package according to your requirements.

Which one is Economical?

Price consideration is always an important aspect because no one wants to spend more money. Surprisingly, Spotiflyer is open-source and free to use with all its basic features. Remember that if you don’t get its premium version, you can still enjoy downloading songs, managing libraries, and several other benefits.

In contrast, Audible is all about money. Without buying its premium version, you can’t enjoy its features. Its packages start from $7 and go up with some features. In a nutshell, audible is not free, but you must need to spend money to get started.

Device Compatibility

Compatibility is another important thing to consider while choosing one of the apps. Surprisingly, Spotiflyer and Audible offer more compatibility to several devices, such as Android phones, iPhones, tablets, and more.

Spotiflyer is a bit limited because it’s incompatible with smart speakers, Smart TVs. However, Audible is available on iTunes, Amazon Kindle, Amazon Fire, Smart Speakers, etc.


In conclusion, Spotiflyer and Audible both platforms are amazing with distinctive features. However, the selection depends on your preferences, such as device, type of audio, and other features. Spotiflyer is an all-in-all platform to stream and listen to songs, playlists, albums, and everything about audio tracks. Audible is a dedicated platform for audiobooks with certain features.

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