Spotiflyer vs AIMP

Spotiflyer vs AIMP For Android

Spotiflyer vs AIMP looks the same, and people use them alternatively. It’s good to see people using different apps, but we always support Spotiflyer for many reasons, such as ease of use and overall features. People are familiar with both apps, but it’s still a hot online topic about which is better, Spotifler vs AIMP.

Spotifyler Mod APK is one of the best companion apps for several platforms, while the AIMP is suitable for Linux OS. If we talk about the overall ranking, Spotiflyer is ranked at 31st position while AIMP is at 18th. However, it’s the overall rating, but still, Spotiflyer is an all-in-all app for users.

If you are still confused about these apps, read the complete guide, as we will explain everything here to give you a certain decision-making point. Let’s get deeper into the details!

What Is Spotiflyer?

Spotiflyer is a perfect app to download and save music. It’s available in Free and Premium versions with some extra features in the Pro mode. You can save, download, track, or play music anytime you want. It’s not even costly like other apps and quickly converts Spotify songs into MP3 to play whenever you want.

Yeah! It’s available offline from any device to enjoy, even if you don’t have an active internet connection. The offline availability is for both Free and premium users because the developers take care of the users. Available on Android and IOS platforms to make it a pocket-friendly companion.

Benefits of Spotiflyer

We like Spotiflyer due to the following reasons:

  • Most importantly, it gives access to a huge collection of songs (old and newly released). You will be amazed to know that it has more than 20 million songs, and it’s increasing regularly.
  • It helps search more songs based on your previously searched authors.
  • You can also create playlists for the public on Spotify.
  • The overall downloading functionality has been extended from Spotify to other third-party apps, including Moodagent, ShareMyPlaylists, We are hunted,, and much more.
  • In the pro version, you get hassle-free and ad-restricted content.
  • It suggests new playlists by analyzing the overall search performance of the users.

Cons of Spotiflyer

  • If you download and use the free account, it shows ads.
  • The discovery of new playlists and tracks is random in the free version and is less efficient.
  • The audio quality might not be high quality in the free version. You can say it gives average audio quality.

What Is AIMP?

AIMP is an alternative to Spotiflyer and was developed by Artem Izmaylov. It has crossed 10 million downloads due to its feature, but the drawback is that it works on a high MIUI firmware smartphone. It supports various formats, including aac, dsf, dff, it, m4a, mp2, and much more. You can play the songs directly on the phone or by casting them on the car and PCs.

Most importantly, it offers bookmarking features and plays songs with a user-defined playback queue. It might be your perfect companion if you want to download a track, playlist, or album. Similarly, automatic detection of the tags and internet radio offer direct playing of the live streaming according to your location. In short, it’s not only a music-downloading companion but offers a lot of features to the users.

Benefits of the AIMP app

  • First and foremost, it offers a variety of formats and multiple playlist types.
  • It has an all-in-all audio library offering filtering the music, specific folders, music tags, file tags, and much more.
  • Real-time searching.
  • Lightweight skins and aren’t heavy on your smartphone.
  • Internal updater to save time and effort to update the app.
  • Multiple other features include customizable shortcuts, dither, customizable agent string, anticlipping, export playlist, import playlist, and much more.

Cons of the AIMP App

  • It’s not open source, but you have to get it from the developers.
  • It crashes when you download large files.
  • A little confusing and complex interface.
  • It is only available in Russian and English.


In conclusion, Spotifyler is a simple and decent app for downloading tracks from Spotify and other third-party apps. The configuration and installation are easier but a little difficult on the computer. However, AIMP is a bit complex app with several features. It brings a lot of files after installation and is useful to install on heavy phones. So, Spotiflyer is the winner in the overall comparison of Spotiflyer vs AIMP.

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