Spotiflyer 3.6.4 Official Music Downloader 

Spotiflyer V3.6.4 is the best Online music downloader for Spotify, Youtube, Gaana, Jio-Saavn and SoundCloud.

Suppose you are driving a car or working on an important project in the office. It always takes time to search for your favorite song on the internet. What if you get an assistant app to save your favorite songs at your fingertips? Yes, we are talking about Spotiflyer app, an assistant app for the most popular Spotify app. Now spare a little time, browse your favorite songs, and add them to Spotiflyer app. It’s the easiest way to save time and listen to your favorite music while working or travelling from the Spotiflyer app.

The app offers the best listening experience to every user anywhere, anytime without hassle. It works offline; that’s a plus. Whether in the gym or hiking on a mountain trail, listen to your favorite music without an active internet connection.

Do you want to know more about this Spotify Premium App? Please read the complete guide to know what Spotiflyer is, how it works, its benefits, and everything you need to know about it.

Spotiflyer APP Overview

 DeveloperShabinder Singh
 Update1 Hour Ago

Spotiflyer Online is an amazing app, works offline, and helps you listen to music anywhere without issues. It does not require an active internet connection because it saves songs from the Spotify app for offline experience. The app has eliminated all the listening troubles, providing you with high-quality music without buffering, loading, or searching efforts.

It’s a feasible app, easy to use for everyone, and provides complete fun while using it. Moreover, the interface allows users to download music directly to the app from different third-party resources. You can save each piece of music to this app, regardless of the downloading source. In our experience, it’s the easiest, quickest, simplest, and most convenient way to listen to your favorite music offline. Also download Castle for Streaming

What is Spotiflyer?

Let’s learn more about this amazing app to use it efficiently while working, travelling, or wandering outside. It allows users to share music directly with your friends without copying links or switching to different tabs. However, this feature works with an active internet connection.

Furthermore, all Spotiflyer users can create a connection (users’ connection) like a music community. It helps share music easily using a unique shareable link. The procedure is simple and extremely quick.

If we talk about the interface, it’s excellently simple with a beautiful welcome screen. It depicts a good UI for the users, a significant requirement of a good app. In short, all the common functions are available on the home screen. Visit: Nekopoi

Amazingly, it supports music from Spotify and other apps, including Gaana, JioSaavn, YouTube music, and more. Available to use on several devices such as Android, iOS phones, Windows laptops, and MacBooks. Download a complete album or a single piece of music and enjoy an ad-free experience.

From the main page to additional settings, everything is smooth, sleek, and easy to manage for the users. No minute faults are detected for functions, buttons, and playlists. The search feature allows you to listen to your favorite music from thousands of songs. The playback buttons, i.e., Play, Pause, Stop, Back, and Forward are displayed on the main screen to operate quickly.

Prominent Features:

The primary reason for its likeness is its amazing features. For better understanding, we have listed the key features of Spotiflyer app in the following:


Download Music From Third-party

It’s an all-in-all solution to download your favorite music but collect it in a single place for better tracking. It works with almost all the common third-party music platforms such as Ganna, Savan, and YouTube. In short, it has brought a remarkable change to enjoy music offline.

Simple To Use & Play

When you open the app, the interface is pretty simple with a settings icon in the upper right corner, a search bar in the start, and other options at your fingertips. So, you can search, track, and play by tapping on your favourite song. Similarly, you can also pick up recently played songs from the available history.

Play Music Online and Offline

The app works in both conditions whether you are connected to an active internet connection. When you are online, you can download more music to the app. Similarly, you can listen to your favorite music in offline mode.

Simple Interface

A simple interface and easy navigation matter a lot. The app is developed with a clean code keeping the users’ requirements in mind. The user finds all the important functions on the main screen and navigates easily for more settings. Moreover, it is not heavy on devices and occupies minimum space on the local storage.

Share Music with Friends

The app provides customized and quick sharing options without switching to other tabs. You can directly share the music with friends on social media. Similarly, sharing with Sportiflyer friends is easier than ever. Just click the sharing button, go to the Sportiflyer community, and share in one tap.

Installation Tips

Do you want to get this amazing app on your phone? Check out the simple steps below to get it easily:

Step 1: Click the download button to get the app in your local storage.

Step 2: Open the Download folder and click to open it.

Step 3: It will ask about the security permissions. Click “Allow unknown sources” to give all the security permissions.

Step 4: Click Install and wait.

Step 5: Congratulations! The app has been installed successfully. Launch it, download your favorite music, and enjoy offline music for free.

Download Spotiflyer APP

After Clicking on the download button, you can download all the Spotilyer APK files for Android, Mac, Windows and Linux. Spotiflyer is also similar to Spotify Downloader Apk.


In conclusion, Sportiflyer is one of the best companion apps for Spotify, YouTube, and other third-party music apps. It works online and offline and allows you to play music anytime without any issues. It’s like a storage app to save your favorite music and allows you to play quickly whenever you want. It is not heavy on your smartphone and works smoothly. It’s ad-free to give you an uninterrupted listening experience. So, get it now and enjoy unlimited music anytime, anywhere.


Yes, the app still assists people in downloading and saving their favorite music in one place. It’s free to use for everyone; therefore, get it now and enjoy it without errors.

Recall that the app downloads and saves your favorite music for quick access. It does not disturb the sound quality and gives you the same experience as the source file.

Download the Spotiflyer app from our downloading link. Open the file and follow the on-screen commands to complete the installation. Remember that it requires the installation of an Android emulator to run mobile app into the computer.


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