Spotiflyer vs SongTube For Android

Spotiflyer is the biggest companion of Spotify to download, listen, manage, and do other tasks for music enthusiasts. It’s not just an app but your pocket-friendly music manager online and offline. Along with it, the developers have developed a lot of other apps with similar functionality. SongTube is one of them, allowing you to download and manage songs with some other options. However, the users are confused about which app to choose: Spotiflyer vs SongTube.

Stay with this blog if you are also part of this discussion and want to clear up this query. We have given a detailed comparison of the Spotiflyer app and SongTube with everything below. Let’s get deeper into the details!

Overview of Spotiflyer

It’s a Spotify and other apps companion to download high-quality music from different resources. It’s developed by Shabinder and available on GitHub to use without spending your hard-earned money. Besides this, it offers two versions, i.e., Free and Paid. As the name suggests, the paid version comes with some extra features, and there is a quality difference between downloading free of cost and a paid app.

Furthermore, it allows access to download music from major platforms such as Saavn, Gaana, and more. It’s a user-friendly app and works on different platforms such as Android, Mac, Linux, Windows, and IOS. It is worth it to allow you to listen to your favorite music offline whenever and wherever you want. However, the desktop version is not much compatible with the latest computers.

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Pros of the Spotiflyer app

  • It’s easy to use with fewer options, which are easy to access.
  • It offers average sound quality in the free version but high-quality sound in the premium version.
  • The downloading of the songs can reach up to 320kbps.
  • It downloads the song from Spotify and saves it in the phone’s local storage in mp3 files.
  • Previously, it offered batch downloads from Spotify with fabulous speed. After the Spotify update to eliminate the batch download, the downloading speed is a bit slow but better than the average app download speed.
  • It’s available free and safe to use. (Always download it from trusted sources such as our blog).
  • It’s affordable.

Cons of the Spotiflyer app

  • As the app is open source, it might not be 100% safe.
  • The free version gives low-quality sound or average quality.

Overview of SongTube

SongTube is a reliable and easy-to-use app with all-in-all musical features. It can download, save, and give offline availability of the tracks. It has a built-in music player to play songs online and offline easily. It’s a fast companion app because it’s developed with the latest development language, i.e., Flutter.

Thanks to its easy navigation and attractive design to download and manage content with personalization. It provides total freedom, and the best part is its primary features. After searching for your favorite song, you can choose whether you want to download the song in audio or video format. Isn’t it a plus? Indeed, it’s wonderful.

Pros of SongTube

  • It consists of a fully featured music and audio player.
  • Searching with customizable audio tags.
  • You can video, download, and create playlists according to your requirements.
  • Picture-in-picture support for video content.
  • Save your favorite videos in your favorite folder.
  • History is available.
  • Music equalizer to adjust the music output as you want.
  • Different themes (dark and light), and much more.

Cons of SongTube

Yes, the app has some downsides, including:

  • The tag editor has some bugs.
  • When you restart the app, the language is set to English.
  • Turkish font issues.
  • Some non-English characters appear when you use the app.

Final Words

Spotiflyer vs SongTube: Both apps offer their unique features for downloading and storing tracks. Spotiflyer is open-source and easy to use for everyone, with the simplest interface. The search ability is super fast and useful for everyone. However, its downloading is limited to a few apps, and it can download the mp3 music only. On the other hand, SongTube offers comprehensive features, but the user interface is a bit tricky. Most importantly, you can download songs with different format options in video and audio formats. However, some features are limited, and the users have reported some significant bugs in the app. Considering the discussion, Spotiflyer is still the best app to download, save, and manage music.

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