Spotiflyer vs NewPipe For Android

Spotiflyer vs NewPipe For Android

Spotiflyer is one of the best Spotify companions to download and save your favorite tracks. It further assists you in playing your favorite songs whether you are connected to an active internet connection. In short, it allows you to create a customized playlist of songs with personalized albums, playlists, and much more. However, every app has some alternatives, and NewPipe is a good alternative to Spotiflyer, but it can’t replace it completely. Due to their comprehensive features, it’s a hot debate online, and people ask: Spotifler vs NewPipe.

Are you also part of this discussion and confused about both platforms? We are writing this blog to clear up your confusion about the Spotiflyer and NewPipe platforms. Let’s learn more!

Spotiflyer Vs NewPipe – Quick Comparison

Before getting deeper into the details, let’s have a look on a quick comparison in the following:

It has almost 124 mentions on well-known platforms. It has 2039 mentions on online platforms. 
Almost 9217 people have reviewed it and give stars according to its performance. (GitHub)Almost 25,521 people have reviewed it and give stars according to its performance. (GitHub) 
Its growth is untrackable yet due to an up-down graph. (month-over-month growth)Its growth is 1.7%. (month-over-month growth)
Users’ activity rate is 0%.Users’ activity rate is 9.5%.
Its language is Kotlin.Its language is Java. 
GNU General Public License v3.0 only. GNU General Public License v3.0 only. 

What Is Spotiflyer?

It’s a fabulous app developer in the latest Kotlin language and works as a companion app for Spotify. Its primary aim is to download your favorite songs, albums, tracks, playlists, and everything related to music. It further allows users to personalize the tracks, playlists, and albums, making all of them available offline.

The purpose is to save your Data connection and all the heavy lifting anywhere, anytime. Just open the app, search for your favorite track on the available search bar on the top, and enjoy your favorite track while traveling, playing, or enjoying it with your spouse. It has revolutionized the world and reduced the usage of the internet.

Amazingly, it’s not only available for Spotify but also supports several other platforms such as YouTube, Gaana, Saavn, etc. So, always download its latest version to enjoy the new features.

Pros of Spotiflyer

People like it because:

  • It’s free to use for everyone.
  • Works offline once you download the track.
  • Provides cloud storage, accessible offline, if you don’t want to make your phone heavy.
  • Amazingly, it’s free. You will no longer see annoying ads.
  • It has a simple user interface.
  • It has a search bar to search songs, playlists, or albums.

Cons of Spotiflyer

  • It doesn’t work properly on all the devices.
  • It has a premium version to access all the features.

What Is NewPipe?

NewPipe is one of the best alternatives to Spotiflyer, but it only supports YouTube. It’s also known as the YouTube companion for Android. Primarily, it’s lightweight, brings a lot of features for the users, is easy to use, and allows you to have fun online. It’s similar to YouTube and runs on smartphones without asking for stupid questions, ads, and other issues. Most importantly, the application is available online, free for everyone. You can get it from here or from GitHub.

Pros of NewPipe

  • It’s lightweight and doesn’t burden your phone.
  • It’s available offline; that’s a plus.
  • It has extended privacy.
  • The latest version has extended privacy to save your personal information and tracks.
  • It offers a popup player to use your phone while listening to your favorite tracks.
  • You can bookmark your favorite track, playlist, and album.
  • It also saves your listening history to track everything from the history.

Cons of NewPipe

  • It’s premium now.
  • Sometimes, it crashes on old phones.


In conclusion, Spotiflyer is still at the top due to its premium features, easy navigation, simple features, and, most importantly, the user interface. It’s also compatible with multiple platforms to download and save audio songs. On the other hand, NewPipe is only suitable for saving and listening to video content from YouTube. It’s available offline, doesn’t contain ads, and offers history tracking. However, Spotifyler is a more universal and versatile app. So, it’s all about Spotiflyer vs NewPipe. We hope you will find it helpful for understanding the difference.

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