Spotiflyer vs Deezer For Android

Several apps and platforms come to mind when you are looking for music downloading, listening, and streaming services. Spotiflyer is the fundamental companion app and supports several third-party platforms. Similarly, Deezer is another online music streaming app that allows you to listen to music with ease. If you are looking to stream new songs at your home in the evening or anywhere while working or traveling, these two platforms are best. But what if you want to choose one: Spotiflyer vs Deezer?

Spotiflyer and Deezer are two different platforms offering similar services for streaming audio music. They offer wide compatibility with third-party platforms to download and listen to music anytime where. Also read: Spotiflyer vs Pandora

This guide will address all the details of Spotiflyer and Deezer to help you choose one according to your requirements. Let’s begin!

User Interface

Spotiflyer offers an amazing user interface build after considering all the users’ aspects. It’s better than any other application because of its simplest user interface. It’s working, overall functioning is superb, and everyone can use it easily. If we talk about the Spotiflyer app, the minimalist design brings several benefits, like being lightweight, saving storage space, etc.

On the other hand, Deezen has a colorful interface. Different sections have different colors for better UX/UI/. The buttons and functions are easily manageable and easy to navigate.


The Spotiflyer app is created with clean code to save space and solve device loading problems. We can say that it’s smooth and stable on all smartphone devices due to its coding. Whether you have an old smartphone with an older software version or anything else, it works smoothly. However, the desktop version creates a bit of a problem due to stability. It’s a little slower on laptops and computers.

Deezen has received several complaints in official forums about its stability. It means it’s not an individual’s issue, but everyone has noticed the stability issues.

Quick Music Discovery and Sharing

Spotiflyer is very quick to find music from the downloaded folder regardless of the downloaded songs and albums. Similarly, it has quick music sharing with your friends with simple actions in seconds. Similarly, the developers update the library weekly or monthly to provide users with the latest features and comprehensive library.

On the other hand, Deezer has a special folder named “Made for You,” where you can enjoy random music on a daily basis. It’s a personal algorithm of the Deezer app with never-ending playlists. Currently, they have added another category, namely “Discovery,” where you find the recently released playlists to chill music after a hectic routine.

Audio Quality

Audio quality is everyone’s primary requirement. Spotiflyer app brings amazing audio quality whether you stream your favorite music online or offline. However, the difference in quality occurs when you download the music from its free version. We have observed a little difference in the audio quality when we download from Spotiflyer Free.

Meanwhile, Deezer offers hi-fi music settings to play and download high-quality music. The Deezer free allows you to download music at 128kbps, while the premium version offers it at 320kbps. Overall, the available settings provide you an opportunity to download music from low to high quality easily.

Offline Mode

Spotiflyer always takes care of its users and offers an offline mode. It means the users can easily download their favorite music to listen to later without the availability of an active internet connection. For more, it has a search bar on the top of the home screen that quickly finds your favorite song, playlist, or album in a few taps.

On the other hand, Deezer Free offers to play songs and music with an active internet connection (online). At the same time, you can enjoy offline music after paying for Deezer Premium. The premium version has a 30-day subscription but also a limitation. The users can download 3333 tracks in Deezer Premium.


After the Spotiflyer vs Deezer comparison, Spotiflyer offers more interesting features to the users. It’s super easy to use, has free library access, and is also available offline in the Free version. Yeah, it’s not much stable on the desktop. However, Deezer is good with a colorful interface. Its free version doesn’t offer offline song availability, but the premium ones do. Now, check your requirements and pick the right one out of them.

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