Spotiflyer vs Apple Podcast

Spotiflyer vs Apple Podcast For Android

Everyone likes to watch or listen to Podcasts for many reasons. Undoubtedly, depending on the topic, they are a great source of learning. After the boom in the content creation industry, many Podcast apps and platforms have emerged. It’s good to have several platforms to listen to podcasts, but choosing one of them creates an issue. Nowadays, Spotiflyer vs Apple Podcast are two popular platforms for Podcasts, but what if you want to choose one of them?

Apple Podcast is an application, especially made to stream audio podcasts with a built-in media player. As the name suggests, it was developed by the famous company Apple Inc. At the same time, Spotiflyer was developed as a companion app for the Spotify platform. It now offers compatibility with other third-party platforms and brings several enjoyable content for you, including podcasts.

This guide will address the difference between Spotiflyer and Apple Podcast to help you select one of them according to your requirements. So, if you are still stuck, don’t forget to read it now. Also read: Spotiflyer vs Deezer

Podcast Strategy

Remember that Spotiflyer is a platform providing high-quality audio content such as music, playlists, and albums, and it streams the best podcasts. It means it’s an all-rounder platform that also gives its users a podcast listening experience. If we talk about its podcast strategy, they don’t have an individual strategy.

On the other hand, Apple Podcast is a leading platform having a lot of budget. Therefore, they have a better strategy for podcasts to provide a source of entertainment to their users. Nowadays, they provide a dedicated app for Apple Podcast on every device they sell, i.e., iPhone, iPad, or MacBook.

Podcast Collection

Let’s talk about the online collection of Spotiflyer podcasts. The developers add the trendy and most common podcasts weekly to the library. Another benefit is that it allows you to download your favorite podcasts from third-party platforms such as YouTube, Gaana, Geo-Saavn, etc. It means you can enjoy it in two ways.

In contrast, Apple Podcast updates the library every day with the trendy and most favorite podcasts. Another benefit is that the users get personalized recommendations as they use and listen to the podcasts. It means you will get relevant suggestions based on your search history and overall podcast listening experience.

Favorite Shows and Download Option

Spotiflyer gives suggestions for the trendiest podcasts. It also has a download option if you want to listen to your favorite podcasts whenever you want, for example, while hiking, traveling, or in your free time in the office. For downloading, the developers have added the cloud option to save your favorite podcasts without using the device’s local storage.

In contrast, the Apple Podcast app also gives personalized recommendations. You can easily find them by searching the category or analyzing the top charts. An important feature is that you can follow your favorite show or podcast to enjoy the upcoming episodes. Whenever another episode is launched, the users get a notification automatically. Undoubtedly, it’s a plus.

Other Content

Spotiflyer brings a comprehensive collection for its users, including podcasts, trendy music, albums, playlists, and much more. Its compatibility with other platforms increased its usability for the users because it allows them to download content from third-party platforms, including Gaanva, Geo-Saavn, etc. Content sharing with your friends online is another plus that can be done in one click.

Similarly, Apple Podcast offers different content types, such as Apple Music, Apple News, and more. Users can download their favorite songs and playlists even from SoundCloud. Download them or listen; it’s all possible with this comprehensive app. Moreover, the app is compatible with Apple Watch and CarPlay, so you can enjoy podcasts and music while traveling.


In conclusion, Spotiflyer is a better choice for those who want to use it for free content, not from the app’s library but also third-party platforms. For beginners and users who don’t want to spend money, it’s an all-in-all app. On the other hand, if you want to enjoy the premium content only, it’s good to go for Apple Podcast. Yeah, it’s a little bit expensive but only useful for those who can afford it.

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